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"Compared to typical physical therapy treatments I have had before, Perform! is truly unique, in a class by itself. Instead of going through an assembly line like "quick" procedures, I'm actually treated individually and thoroughly with the full attention of the therapist for all the sessions! The quality f the service is just first-rated; you have to experience it to really appreciate it. Perform! truly re-defines physical therapy"
Coleman Fung
Ceo & Founder of Blue Gogi
"The environment at Perform! Is positive and encouraging. The staff there doesn't want to see you temporarily feeling better, they want you to fully recover & heal so that you're able to fully enjoy life. This is beyond a temporary solution or a quick fix, this is the healing arts at work."
Elizabeth Dunne
Co-Founder of love integration yoga
"Perform Physical Therapy & Studio is a wonderful place. The staff are friendly, warm and concerned about you and your ongoing and long term physical well-being. They helped my daughter recover from a concussion and for myself a nerve issue in my neck that was sending shooting pains down my arm. They also offer Pilates and yoga classes, etc! A very well rounded establishment!"
Jennifer Crotty
"Mindy and staff are amazing. All are very knowledgeable and spend more than enough time addressing each specific injury. Great improvement with each visit until you are totally rehabbed. I highly recommend Perform Physical Therapy."
Howard Greenberg
"Fantastic PT place! All of the staff are incredibly knowledgeable and will go above and beyond for your care! In addition to PT, they offer a variety of affordable, high-quality exercise classes. I highly recommend coming here if you are looking for an amazing physical therapy place that will help you feel better."
Elizabeth D
"Mindi and her professional staff are aiding in our athletic son to reach his full potential. Our son is also learning about how his body works. Being educated on how he may improve his use of muscles through natural exercise that will make him stronger and preventing sports injury through strength training exercises. Keep reaching for the stars !"
Jennifer Schimmel
"Staff is friendly and knowledgable while maintaining an excellent level of professionalism. They offer a wide range of services including physical therapy, yoga, pilates etc. Facilities are always kept clean!"
Andrew Korman
"I stumbled upon Perform when I moved back to Long Island about 4 years ago because it was around the block from me and I’m so happy that I did! I very much look forward to my weekly Pilates classes, it’s a great workout and I’m always in good company! Mindy is very knowledgeable and always has a smile!"
Kerry Shanley
"Tore my Achilles tendon. Rehab by Mindi and staff was amazing. Each session was different depending on how I felt that day. Miindi is incredibly knowledgeable and has hands of gold. Thanks Mindi."
Dennis Herman
"Their PT services are only of the best, the guys at the desk are incredibly helpful, and the yoga classes taught by Erin Kovel are so good they convinced me to become an instructor myself."
Griffin Kreit
"Mindy is very knowledgeable and capable and I would warmly recommend her"
Gertrud lieberman
"Awesome people and great help!"
Lauren crotty
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