Why Choose Us?

Perform! Physical Therapy & Studio is an outpatient physical therapy clinic and studio, dedicated to rehabilitating every patient that walks through our doors. One on one care is a priority for us and is always provided by a highly experienced, licensed Doctor of Physical Therapy. We also conveniently offer before and after school/work hours as well as Saturday appointments to make sure you will always have time to get treatment. Additionally, our studio offers in-person and virtual fitness and wellness classes to help strengthen and educate our patients to keep them performing at their best!

Modern Facility

Our Physical Therapy clinic is constantly reviewed and updated to ensure the best equipment and treatment possible. In addition to the clinic, our newly built studio hosts a variety of classes for all ages and experience levels. This space is also used to host Academic seminars and workshops custom tailored to each request.

Caring Community

Perform! focuses on maintaining an environment with one on one care. Each member of our team cares about helping you move and reach your recovery goals. Whether your goal is to start walking after surgery or making Olympic trials in the 100 meter dash, we know what it is and are determined to help you get there!

For any inquires please call or email us.


(516) 992-2282

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